• 1. Baby I love you
  • 2. Ami
  • 3. Kalina
  • 4. Trop Tard
  • 5. Mokili
  • 6. Je suis faché
  • 7. Nakupenda
  • 8. Mamy
  • 9. Mystère
  • 10. Retroviseur
  • 11. Double Face
  • 12. Yanga Na Yo
  • 13. Kuetumbari
  • 14. Kin Bisengo



In 2012 Mr.Will was invited to play alongside African Soukous Stars as part of the album “Kuetumbari” by Jeannot Bel.

Mr.Will joins Jeannot Bel as a fellow lead guitarist on the fourth track of the album “Trop Tard” with solos being traded throughout the song!

“Its a real honour to be asked to contribute to this recording” said mr.Will “I grew up listening to alot of the players on this record, and usually most Soukous albums don’t feature people who aren’t from the heritage of Soukous guitar. So to be invited to play guitar as part of the album is an incredible feeling”.